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Meth in Florida

Methamphetamine, more commonly referred to as meth, is a synthetic stimulant that’s known for its physical effects, the most common of them being meth mouth. As one of the most commonly trafficked drugs on the globe, it is the main contributor to the high rates of drug abuse in the United States. Meth in Florida is commonly sold in rural areas. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, meth use in Florida increased by 38 percent and meth-related deaths increased by 42 percent from 2016 and 2017.1 As a drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida, we’re well aware of the dangers of meth addiction and the growing numbers of meth-related deaths in the Sunshine State. Methamphetamine Abuse in Florida Over the Years Several years back, methamphetamine was produced in underground laboratories and was made with medications containing pseudoephedrine. This medication was widely accessible and made the process easy. However,...

Murdered Fire Captain Was Involved in a Drug Conspiracy

An incident in Palm Beach County revealed that a murdered fire captain was involved in a drug conspiracy. Visit us here to learn more about the fatal end to a drug conspiracy established by Jay Rind and Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue Capt. James Gilliard.