Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Enters Rehab

Ford Gets Help for Drugs and Alcohol

Amid reports of a second video in which he could be seen smoking crack cocaine, the embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is heading to rehab for at least thirty days. In an emotional statement issued Last Wednesday, Ford admitted to having a problem with alcohol for which he would be seeking professional help. Ford, like almost every alcohol, said that he tried to manage the problem by himself; but now knows that he needs professional help and is 100% committed to get himself right. Despite a year’s worth of bad publicity and constantly eroding public opinion, Ford has not given up his bid to seek re-election for the Mayor’s office.

Addiction is Everywhere

Ford’s situation is yet another reminder that addiction plagues every echelon of society and can be particularly damaging to executives and the people who depend on them. Many are calling for his resignation for the good of the city and that of himself. Others claim that had he sought help earlier his chances of re-election would have been dramatically improved. It’s worth pointing out that when a person-regardless of their stature and title-is facing substance abuse everything comes second to their health and their recovery. It was not disclosed where Ford would be seeking treatment.


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