The Craziest Bongs People Have Actually Used

The Craziest Bongs People Have Actually Used

The Craziest Bongs People Have Actually Used

As more and more states legalize recreational marijuana, people have been getting creative with their smoking methods. Bongs are the most commonly used tools for smoking marijuana. They have a small bowl that holds the dry herbs that are broken down when they’re lit. As the water at the bottom of the bong boils, the person inhales the smoke that rises through the chamber. More and more bongs are being made and some designs are outrageous. Our Florida luxury drug and alcohol rehab decided to share some of the craziest bongs people have actually used. 

Weird Bongs People Have Used 

Because marijuana use is being normalized, people are coming up with new ways to enhance the experience. Keep in mind, however, that while these crazy bongs may look appealing, their side effects can be ugly. For those who become dependent on weed, they may need residential rehab in order to quit. 

Face Bong

This bong is a helmet that covers the person’s entire face and most of their head. The mouthpiece curves into the mouth, allowing the person to smoke without having to hold it. While this bong may seem cool, its convenience may contribute to excessive marijuana use. Marijuana addiction is a real problem, and the easier it is to smoke weed, the more likely people will fall in line with this behavior.

Gas Mask Bong

Similar to the face bong, the gas mask bong is exactly what it sounds like. The section of the bong that wraps around the head is designed to look like a gas mask and the pipe extends from the mouthpiece.

If you’ve ever heard of or seen the alien bong, then you can understand why it ranks high on the list of the craziest bongs people have actually used. This bong holds a fake alien submerged in water. The section of the bong containing the alien is a chamber in the neck of the beaker. This water isn’t the same that’s used for smoking.

Minimalist Bong

The minimalist bong is known for its elegant, simple, and sleek design. For those who have never seen a bong, this one could easily be confused as home décor. It’s considered one of the most insane bongs people have used because its wide mouthpiece allows users to inhale more smoke, causing a more intense high. In other words, don’t be fooled by its chic design, because this bong packs a punch. 

Heart and Lung Bong 

As far as weird-looking bongs go, this one may take the cake. As the name suggests, the heart and lung bong was designed to mimic the anatomy of a person’s heart and lungs. Red and blue are used to differentiate the heart and veins, with the pipe acting as the trachea. Ironically, as smokers use this bong, they see how smoke would travel to their lungs. This is an interesting reminder of the impact smoking with bongs can have on lung health.  

Bongs are thought of as one of the safest ways to smoke weed; however, while bongs are different from smoking blunts, joints, or spliffs, they can still cause severe damage to the lungs and contribute to marijuana addiction. Blunts also enhance the effects of marijuana, enticing the person to keep using. These bongs may be appealing to the eye, but they can be damaging to the lungs. Long-term marijuana use can cause lung disease, respiratory problems, and affect cognitive functions like learning and memory. Marijuana is addictive, especially synthetic marijuana, and people who develop a dependency often require a detox program to help them quit.  

Although bongs may look interesting and weed is being legalized, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Consider tobacco as an example of a legal but unsafe substance. If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol dependency, call Seaside Palm Beach at 561-677-9374 for more information about our addiction programs.

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