Signs of a Weekend Alcoholic

signs of a weekend alcoholic

Signs of a Weekend Alcoholic

Can you be an alcoholic by only drinking on the weekends? It’s possible. Drinking on the weekend has always been normalized and thought of as a release from the stress and worries of the week; however, weekend binge drinking can be just as damaging as drinking during the week. Our Florida luxury drug and alcohol rehab is sharing the signs of a weekend alcoholic. 

What Is A Weekend Alcoholic?

A weekend alcoholic is someone who usually only drinks on the weekends, but their weekend drinking is severe and can be characterized as binge drinking. Many people drink on the weekends as a way to relax after a long work week or as part of socialization. Drinking heavily on the weekends can be an indicator of a bigger issue, though. Most addictions begin with casual or recreational substance abuse. Over time, the individual may become dependent on the substance in question to the point where they no longer have control over their use. Weekend binge drinking is also one of the signs of high-functioning alcoholism, in which a person with alcoholism can carry on with their lives without their problem being evident. 

For those who have become frequent weekend drinkers, our luxury detox program at Seaside Palm Beach can mitigate the discomfort of the withdrawal process. Most if not all individuals who attempt to suddenly stop using drugs or alcohol after long-term use experience withdrawals. The detox program at our high-end rehab offers a safe environment where patients can receive 24-hour care during withdrawals without sacrificing their comfort. 

7 Signs of a Weekend Alcoholic 

Because a weekend alcoholic usually drinks on – you guessed it – the weekends, it can be hard to spot the signs of their drinking habit. Below are 7 common signs of a weekend drinker. 

Can’t Stop After One Drink

One of the most common signs of a weekend alcoholic is their inability to stop at one drink. While some people drink one or two drinks over several hours, a weekend alcoholic may have one drink after another simply because they can’t stop after the first. These individuals usually don’t realize how much alcohol they’re consuming. 

Using Alcohol as a Reward

Another common indicator of weekend alcoholism is the person’s use of alcohol as a reward. Many people drink to celebrate various events, but someone who binge drinks on the weekends may use alcohol as a way to celebrate anything and everything. Instead, the reward should be something more positive and less damaging, like going to a show or out to dinner. 

Feeling Guilty After Binge Drinking

Many individuals who struggle with substance abuse are aware of the damage it causes, but physical dependency makes it difficult to quit. Guilt is a common emotion that many alcoholics feel after a long period of drinking. They may feel ashamed for drinking so much or for how they acted when they were under the influence of alcohol. If you feel this way after drinking a lot on the weekends, then it’s time to give drinking a break. 

Acting Differently When Drinking 

The side effects of alcohol are most apparent in a person’s actions. A person who drinks heavily may become overly emotional or aggressive. Many individuals who drink too much on the weekends while out with friends or family often lose these relationships because of their habit. It’s common for someone inebriated to say and do things that they wouldn’t normally do or could be hurtful to others. This is a clear indication that someone needs alcohol addiction treatment

Risking Work or Relationships to Drink

Because drinking is no longer considered a choice at this point, a weekend alcoholic may risk their relationships with friends and family or risk their jobs for a weekend of drinking. This can lead to separation, divorce, family issues, and financial troubles. 

Thinking About Alcohol When Not Drinking 

One of the most common weekend alcoholic symptoms is thinking about alcohol when you’re sober. Addiction is both physical and mental. Alcoholism is not only characterized by a physical need to drink but an emotional attachment to alcohol as well. It’s common for weekend alcoholics to think about drinking when they’re sober. As a result, weekend alcoholism can progress to everyday drinking. 

Denial About Drinking Habits 

Individuals who have a weekend binge drinking problem may also be in denial. If someone else points out the issue, they may brush it aside or change the topic of conversation. The idea of not drinking may be inconceivable to this person. They may be terrified to not drink because they feel as if a reward is being taken away. A good way to help a weekend alcoholic is by getting them addiction treatment. Our residential addiction treatment in Palm Beach separates patients from distractions and temptations in their home environment to help them focus on recovering. During this program, they’ll also be introduced to various therapies to treat the emotional aspects of addiction as well. 

“I only drink on weekends. Am I an alcoholic?” You could be. If you recognize these signs in yourself or a loved one, it’s time to get help. Call Seaside Palm Beach now at 561-677-9374 to learn how we can help. 

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