Politicians Who Have Used Drugs

politicians who have used drugs

As public figures, politicians spend their lives under a microscope being critiqued for everything they say or do.

They are usually held to a higher standard than the general public and need to maintain a good image at all times. While politicians may seem put together, they are still human, and substance abuse knows no bounds.

Addiction Among Politicians

With such high-pressure lives, it should not be surprising that substance abuse in politicians can occur. While there are politicians who use drugs or alcohol to cope with the hectic lives, most are not willing to admit it. Our luxury rehab has compiled a list of politicians who have used drugs in the past and have admitted it.

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama famously came out and admitted his drug use in his younger years. He has confessed to using various types of drugs including most notably, cocaine. The best part of Obama’s story is that he was able to eventually become the President of the United States. If you, too, are struggling with drug abuse, addiction treatment could help you turn your own life around.

Patrick Kennedy

This former House of Representatives member from Rhode Island has personally struggled with mental health problems that led to addiction. Rather than hide his issues, Kennedy has incorporated his personal experiences into his political platform. He is now an advocate for mental health in the United States and was appointed to the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis.1 If you or a loved one is struggling with poor mental health alongside addiction, holistic addiction treatment will focus on more than just the physical aspects of addiction alone.

David Paterson

A former New York state governor, David Paterson admitted in a television interview that he had tried both marijuana and cocaine in his young twenties. He went on to say “More Americans have tried a lot more during that period of time and gone on to lead responsible lives and hopefully have lived their lives to the fullest.”2 While many young adults experiment with drugs, it is important to recognize when experimentation turns into addiction and you need help with formal treatment such as those offered by our West Palm Beach rehab.

Politicians certainly are not perfect. There are politicians who smoked, politicians who have used drugs, and many politicians who have lied about their drug or alcohol use. It is important to remember that everybody makes mistakes, but you can learn from them and move forward with your life.

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