My Spirituality, Courtesy of My Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Woman sitting doing yoga on the beach.

I’ve been receiving treating at a Seaside Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab now for 43 days. I feel blessed, a word I’ve never used to describe myself before, to be here. Being in this atmosphere has enveloped me in a bounty of contemplation. I’ve noticed that certain people in recovery and certain rehab programs can be particularly “preachy;” everything is God this, God that. (I realize now that is just their way of working their steps, their way of connecting, their way of defining their purpose in life.) But at this luxury drug and alcohol rehab, they’ve understood me and respected my initial skepticism without being crusaders converting me to Christianity, nor Judaism, nor Islam. The therapists and directors at Seaside truly respect the individual and treat them and their faith, belief and spirituality for what it should be—highly, innately individual. I can say this with confidence since this is not my first rehab. It is not even my first luxury drug and alcohol rehab. But here, I find the insights given are actually insightful. Let me explain.

The other day I heard a person say “spirituality existed before religion.” The remark is so obviously true yet I never thought about it before. The same person also said that spirituality “is in our DNA.” That may also be true. The need to communicate may also be in human DNA. It’s unlikely that we could have survived as a species without it. Companies like AT&T and Verizon have made fortunes based on the human need to communicate. Religions have risen from our basic need for spirituality. People may argue as to whether or not religions have been a good or a bad thing, but that’s not the point. The point is that if spirituality is part of our DNA, no one could possibly say “I’m not spiritual.”

Disclaimer: I used to be someone who walked around proclaiming that I was not spiritual. But Seaside revealed a way to connect to the spirituality woven into my DNA. Various mediums and physical activities such as yoga and meditation, massage therapy and water aerobics have revitalized me on the organic level. This luxury alcohol and drug program has renewed me; I’ve been able to reconnect to the spirituality that I always possessed but never utilized.


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