Marijuana & Panic Attacks

marijuana and panic attacks

Marijuana & Panic Attacks

Many people believe that marijuana is a helpful remedy for panic attacks and anxiety symptoms. There is an ongoing debate about the benefits of marijuana and how it can alleviate certain mental illness symptoms. But is this actually true? Our luxury drug and alcohol rehab in South Florida is exploring the relationship between marijuana and panic attacks and whether weed is helpful or harmful for anxiety. 

What Is Marijuana?

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Marijuana – also referred to as cannabis, weed, Mary Jane, pot, herb, grass, bud, and ganja – is a green-gray mixture of dried flowers from plants like Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. It can be rolled into blunts, joints, or roaches and smoked, smoked in a bong, or smoked in a vape pen. Because it’s made of leaves, weed can also be brewed as tea and baked into food. There are also concentrated versions of it that come in the form of square resins, which are dabs. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. 

The THC in cannabis is responsible for the high people experience, as well as its other side effects. The effects of weed include: 

  • Feelings of calm and relaxation
  • Heightened sense of smell, hearing, and sight, such as seeing brighter colors
  • Distorted perception of time, or being out of touch with reality
  • Decreased motor movement or motor skills, or difficulties moving
  • Lowered inhibitions, which increases the chances of risky behavior
  • Sleepiness
  • Drowsiness 
  • Confusion
  • Increased appetite 

The effects of marijuana may vary depending on the type that is used, how much of it is used, and whether the person uses it with other substances. While marijuana may seem safe, it can be harmful to the brain, lungs, and it can induce anxiety. The combination of marijuana and panic attacks is a common and uncomfortable duo. Marijuana purchased on the streets is often laced with other additives and drugs, also referred to as synthetic marijuana or fake weed. Fake weed is a man-made replica of marijuana, but it contains chemicals that can be even more harmful. Cannabis and synthetic marijuana can both be addictive. Chronic cannabis users are more likely to develop mental and physical dependence. Many people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety from using marijuana require anxiety treatment to manage symptoms. 

At Seaside Palm Beach, we offer a luxury detox program that helps patients wean off of drugs and alcohol, mitigates withdrawal symptoms, and reduced addiction cravings. This is usually a first step in the recovery process for most of our patients because it targets the immediate physical effects of substance abuse. 

Connection Between Marijuana And Panic Attacks

While some people may feel relaxed and pleasant under the influence of marijuana, this isn’t always the case. Smoking weed can actually cause anxiety and panic attacks. These effects are very common in chronic and first-time users. The more weed a person uses, the more likely they are to experience a panic attack. Smoking weed and panic attacks are really common, and people who take larger doses of cannabis are more likely to experience psychosis, which includes hallucinations, a lost sense of personal identity, delusions, and anxiety, all of which can induce a panic attack. These symptoms are often unpleasant and the individual may see, hear, or feel disturbing things that aren’t real. This can cause the person to panic and hyperventilate. The severity of panic attacks and marijuana-induced psychosis depends on how much of it the person ingested. Symptoms also depend on how the person ingested weed. For example, the effects of smoking weed will kick in faster than the effects of eating it.

Not only can marijuana cause anxiety and panic attacks, but it can also lead to addiction. While many people claim that this isn’t possible, an individual who smokes or ingests weed frequently may build up a tolerance for it. The individual would then have to take more of it to experience the same high. If this pattern of behavior continues for a long period, they may develop a mental and physical dependence on it. When it comes to synthetic marijuana, symptoms and dependence can be even more severe. Fortunately, our high-end rehab offers a luxury residential rehab program that helps patients recover from addiction by providing round-the-clock care and medical support. 

If you’re battling addiction, do not wait until you’ve hit rock bottom. Reach out to our luxury rehab today at 561-677-9374 to learn more about the addiction programs we offer. 

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