How Drug Addiction Affects Relationships With Your Children

How Drug Addiction Affects Relationships With Your Children

If you are an addict or close to someone who is, you may already know that addiction and relationships do not mix well.

While spouses can get divorced and friendship can fade, the bond between a parent and a child is often much harder to break. Both parties may find it hard to let go and the results can be damaging.

Exactly how drug addiction affects relationships with your children will depend on many factors. At Seaside Palm Beach, we have seen the aftermath of a parent’s drug use and their relationships with their children, and it usually isn’t pretty.

Is Your Addiction Ruining Your Relationship With Your Kids?

As a parent, you may be so preoccupied that you do not realize the devastating effects that your problems have on your children. Could this be you? Our South Florida luxury detox center is sharing some red flags that could mean your addiction is hurting your relationship with your kids.

  1. Your kids take care of you. Are they pulling a blanket over you because you passed out on the couch again? Are they making you dinner because you are too high to do it yourself? If your children are forced to act as the parent, they will quickly learn not to respect you.
  2. Drug money is more important. If instead of getting your child a new pair of sneakers that they desperately need, you are putting the money toward your addiction habits and you are telling your child that they are not worthy. They may even start to believe that you do not love them and that they are a burden to you.
  3. Missing activities because you are high. Missing their school play or their first soccer game because you were too drunk or high is basically telling your kids that your addiction is more important to you than they are.
  4. Being MIA. If your child doesn’t even get to see you because of your addiction problems, you are letting them down. You do not want your child to have to live their life with an absentee or part-time parent. As a result, they may grow up with their own trust and relationship problems.
  5. Not listening to them. Have your kids told you their concerns? Have they tried unsuccessfully to get you into residential addiction treatment? By ignoring them and not getting help, you are neglecting their feelings and telling them that their opinions do not matter.

Even if you think your substance abuse problems are not that bad, they could be having a devastating effect on your children. Research shows that children who live with an alcoholic relative at some point in their lives are at greater risk of having behavioral issues, emotional problems, and are likely to develop their own drinking problem.1 Understanding how drug addiction affects relationships with your children, as well as their futures, means that you can make an effort to fix it.

The time is now to get help so that you can not only work on overcoming your addiction, but also repair your relationship with your kids before it is too late. Our family addiction program in West Palm could help you both work on repairing these strained relationships and help your children’s futures.

If you are ready to start your journey to sobriety for the sake of yourself and your children, call us immediately at 561-677-9374. Don’t you want to be the person that your kids can look up to? We also offer family addiction programs to help your entire family heal.


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