Having a Sober Super Bowl Party

Even though it is Sunday night, Super Bowl watch parties aren’t always so tame. Not only does there tend to be a lot of fried and fatty food, but some people can also get carried away with their alcohol intake. Having a beer while watching the big game only seems natural, but if you recently completed a luxury alcohol addiction program, Super Bowl parties may be your worst nightmare.

Staying Sober for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t have to be a drinking holiday. Our luxury Florida rehab is sharing some tips on having a Sober Super Bowl party or just enjoying a sober Super Bowl Sunday.

Be Careful Where You Watch the Game

Especially if you are in early recovery, where you go to watch the game is important. A bar may be too overwhelming, and you may be surrounded with many drug triggers that can lead you to relapse. On that same note, attending a party hosted by your wild friend who you used to always go out with may not be a good idea, either. Instead, watch the game at home or in a more relaxed environment like a trusted friend’s house.

Surround Yourself with The Right People

It is imperative that after your luxury PHP or other treatment program that you surround yourself with good people. This probably includes trusted family members and friends. The same goes for outings with potential triggers. Instead of spending the big game with people who you used to drink with, have a sober Super Bowl party and invite the people you trust, as well as alumni from your program. These people will help keep you honest and ensure you stay on track that night.

Focus on Other Aspects of the Party

If you are throwing a sober Super Bowl party and are worried about entertaining people without alcohol present, there are plenty of other things you can do to enhance the party atmosphere. Have a big board for the Super Bowl square game. Play commercial bingo. Play a round of paper football. Play cornhole. Play darts.

Focus on Fancy Non-Alcoholic Drinks & Good Food

Instead of dwelling on the fact that there is no alcohol, focus on the food instead. There are several fun recipes out there that fit the football theme. You could also choose to serve fancy non-alcoholic drinks to wow your guests. Even if you are attending a party elsewhere, you could bring these virgin drinks or impressive food displays with you as your contribution.

At Seaside Palm Beach, we know that getting and stay sober is hard. If you have yet to take this step, get started with us today.

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