Florida Drug Addiction: What Are the Most Common Drugs?

When someone hears the word Florida, a few different images may appear in their mind, such as Disney, alligators, and sunny Miami beaches. Sadly, another stereotype of Florida is the intense drug use by some of its citizens. Today, our high-end rehab takes a closer look at drug addiction in Florida and the most common drugs used amongst Floridians. 


Cannabis in Florida is still illegal for recreational use; however, the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act became effective in Florida on New Year’s Day of 2015. While the drug was already a hot commodity, 2016 saw 71% of Floridians vote to approve the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. This initiative granted patients access to full-strength medical cannabis. 

Since then, public use has risen in the state. The drug can be taken in a variety of ways, including through inhalation, ingesting food containing THC, and even topically. Science has seen additional benefits of cannabis use, but this does not mean the risk of addiction is not present. A substance is a substance, no matter how socially accepted it is, and when a dependence is formed, problems can arise. 


Opioids are commonly used as a form of pain relief due to their ability to calm the body and mind. Some examples of commonly used opioids include heroin and fentanyl, though they are still prescribed as prescription painkillers like oxycodone and Vicodin. In 2020, there were 7,842 deaths related to opioid abuse reported. It is a very easy addiction to pick up due to the common usage in pain relief, something many Floridians seek out management for. This can easily escalate into an addiction. 


With films like Scarface rising in popularity, cocaine in Florida became a very common association that people often make. The visual of a manic Al Pacino sitting next to a comically large pile of the substance marked the beginning of the stereotype. Cocaine was involved in the deaths of over 3,600 Floridians in 2020, although actual usage of the drug is certainly higher than that. This substance is known for the intense energy it gives its users, as well as the aggression typically exhibited thereafter.  


Meth in Florida was the cause of nearly 1,400 deaths in 2020. The most common form of this drug is crystal meth, a blueish crystallized substance that is smoked through a glass pipe, otherwise known as a flute. The substance can also be snorted, injected, and in cases of user desperation, swallowed. Meth users typically experience an intense burst of euphoria, followed by devastating side effects such as oral decay, hallucinations, and even cardiac arrest.  

Addiction Treatment in Florida 

Florida drug addiction is a rising issue, and can be one of the hardest things for a person to overcome, especially if attempted by oneself. Seaside’s drug and alcohol detox in Palm Beach is equipped with highly trained professionals and beautiful facilities designed to assist you through the withdrawal process and towards the road to recovery. 


Call Seaside Palm Beach at 561-677-9374 for more information about our residential addiction treatment in Palm Beach and how to get started.  



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