Counting My Blessings . . . #1 Luxury Alcohol Treatment


I’ve always been well aware of the many luxuries I have been received in my life. Probably the most important one was the successful luxury alcohol treatment that I was fortunate to receive at the Seaside Luxury Rehab center in Palm Beach, Florida.

Many of the luxuries in my life pertain to the type of class, or lifestyle, I was born into; most people would say I was born with a pretty good hand. I remind myself everyday that most people have not had, or may never have, the same opportunities as I have been afforded in my life. I know most people will never be able to afford luxury alcohol treatment, and some people won’t even be able to afford any alcohol treatment at all. Of course there are also others who simply choose not to go to any type of treatment program and sometimes wind up paying the ultimate price for their addiction . . . with their lives!

Recently while I was counting my blessings I realized that on top of everything else, I was also lucky to have chosen the best luxury alcohol treatment in the country just by chance when I typed in luxury alcohol treatment into Google and Seaside Luxury Rehab came up.

Today I am thankful every day that I was not one of the unfortunate casualties of addiction who had to pay with their life. I appreciated everything in my life even more today when I read an article about the latest types of substance abuse happening in Russia. In addition to their traditional alcohol abuse problem, there is now a trend amongst working age men to combine the consumption of alcohol along with perfume, cleaning agents and other industrial concoctions.

An article published by the British online newspaper The Telegraph described how industrial alcohol is killing Russian men. The trend is apparently so prevalent that it is being blamed for the deaths of 43 percent of Russian men aged between 25-54. The research consisted of a study of 1,750 men who lived in Izhevsk, an industrial city in the Ural Mountains, and died between 2003 and 2005.

The men studied who were both problem drinkers of alcoholic beverages and consumed these non beverage alcohols – alcohol that was never anticipated to be consumed orally – were also as much as six times likelier to die than men who did not have a drinking problem.

My first question is probably the same as yours: why? I hypothesized that maybe this was some sort of sick truth-or-dare type stunt/survival test amongst manly (stupid) men. But, I guess when you can’t afford to go buy your favorite bottle; you start looking around the house for any bottles. As I read further, it noted that the researchers believe the surge in the death rate during the 1990s transition from communism led poor and unemployed men to create a cheap fix—in industrial alcohols. It is definitely times like these when I am glad to be who I am, the person I have learned to be after my completion of my luxury alcohol treatment: a recovering addict who is eternally grateful to be alive. Versus an unfortunate down and out addict, who has been reduced to consuming luxury products, or non-beverage alcohols, in search of their next high.


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