Addressing Addiction in the Workplace

Addressing Addiction in the Workplace

Statistics show that 75% of people with substance use disorders are employed.1

This includes individuals who are struggling with issues such as alcoholism, heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, meth addiction, and more. At our  luxury residential rehab, we are committed to helping patients get and stay sober. While issues such as alcoholism and drug addiction at work are growing problems, there are steps employers and employees can take to encourage sobriety.

If you are struggling with addiction or if you have a co-worker who can benefit from rehabilitative care, our executive drug and alcohol rehab can help. Call 561-677-9374 to learn more about our luxury drug and alcohol rehab for executives and high-level professionals at Seaside Palm Beach.


The Costs of Addiction in the Workplace

Many supervisors and business owners assume that drug addiction at work or alcoholism in the workplace is only challenging for the employee who is struggling. But statistics regarding the costs of workplace addiction paint another picture. Addiction in the workplace isn’t just harmful to the employee who is struggling, it can be harmful to their surrounding team, their supervisors, the clients your company serves, and your company as a whole.

It is estimated that addiction in the workplace costs businesses over $400 billion annually in lost productivity, increased absences, health care expenses, disability cases, and an increase in workers’ compensation claims. 1 The costs of addiction at work are piling up in 2019 and 2020, but there are steps employers can take to reduce the rates of addiction in the workplace.


How to Reduce Rates of Addiction at Work

If you suspect that an employee or co-worker is struggling with alcoholism, addiction, or a substance use disorder, contacting us can be the best first step. We offer executive addiction treatment for professionals of all ages who are committed to finding their sobriety. We also offer drug intervention help.

In addition to connecting employees with addiction and alcoholism treatment resources, businesses should also consider reducing workplace triggers for relapse or substance abuse. A holiday party lush with alcohol may be a triggering experience for an employee who is in recovery from alcoholism. Undue stress or anxiety-inducing situations without an outlet for relaxation may push some employees in the wrong direction, which is why it’s crucial to check in with employees regarding their mental health needs.

Together, we can build drug-free workplaces where employees, managers, and owners can work together towards common goals. We offer drug, alcohol, and sex addiction treatment in Palm Beach for patients who are ready to make changes for the better. Call 561-677-9374 to get help for yourself or help for a loved one today.



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