5 Signs You’ve Hit Rock Bottom & Your Addiction Has Gone Too Far

5 Signs You’ve Hit Rock Bottom & Your Addiction Has Gone Too Far

To an addict that has hit rock bottom, nothing is more important to them than continuing to fuel their addiction.  For many addicts, a rock bottom addiction can creep up on them. What begins as occasional abuse can quickly spiral out of control until they find themselves in this place that they cannot seem to get out of.

Signs Your Addiction Hit Rock Bottom

While hitting rock bottom may seem hopeless, the only way to go from here is up. Our luxury dual diagnosis rehab is sharing the signs you’ve hit rock bottom because at this point, there are no more excuses for not getting help.

Legal Problems

A DWI is a sure sign that you need a luxury PHP or other treatment program. Not only can these legal issues cost you financially, but they can also have a lasting negative impact on your future. If your drug or alcohol habits have gotten you in trouble with the law, it is time to admit that there is a serious problem and you’ve hit rock bottom.

Financial Problems

It is not uncommon for addicts to prioritize sustaining their addiction, but when this mindset leaves you unable to pay for other basic necessities, you have lost control.

Your Physical Appearance Has Suffered

Many addicts get so caught up in their addictions that they neglect their physical appearance. What may start as skipping a shower here and there can develop into complete neglect of grooming habits, drastic weight loss, and unsightly physical imperfections. If you look in the mirror and this describes you, you may be at rock bottom.

You’ve Neglected Your Responsibilities

Nothing is more important to an addict who has hit rock bottom them continuing to fuel their addiction. Often when this becomes the case, their normal responsibilities may be neglected. They may lose their job, stop cleaning the house, no longer cook, and even neglect their parenting responsibilities.

You Are Alone

Of all of the signs you’ve hit rock bottom, the most telling may be your relationship problems. If you find yourself without any friends or family for support, it is probably because you pushed them away in favor of your addiction habits. When the majority of your closest relationships have become strained, broken, or ruined completely because of your addiction, you’ve probably hit rock bottom.

As a luxury rehab in Florida, we know that, unfortunately, many addicts will neglect to get help until hitting this extreme, but you should not wait until it reaches this point. It is better to get help sooner rather than later because the more severe the addiction, the harder it is to stop as well as repair the damage that was left behind.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, do not wait any longer to do something about it. At Seaside Palm Beach, we work with cases of addiction that range from mild to severe.

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